Lontto Machine of aerated concrete block will be shipped on time, never delay

For investment in aerated concrete block equipment production line, although it is a good profit-making investment project, but in the real investment operation is a lot of problems need our customers and manufacturers to consider together, investment aerated concrete block equipment production line of the general investment step is to select the factory inspection equipment, and then custom equipment, Manufacturers for the customer design venues, installation equipment plus training and so on, in the previous article, we generally consider the investment of aerated concrete block equipment production line before the problem is to inspect the equipment strength of manufacturers, has been relative to the quality of after-sales service, for the back of the customized equipment, delivery and installation and no commentary, This has a certain problem, that is the scheduled customers, want to ship the time to pay, and the manufacturers are shipped before the payment needs to be paid, which has produced a certain contradiction phenomenon.
In response to this phenomenon, whether our customers or manufacturers should be how to deal with it? For the above situation, we lontto machine machinery in the exchange with some customers also appear, Lontto machine mechanical treatment of our customers are generally customer-oriented, So some customers say that the money is not allowed to see the goods, some customers are very difficult to deal with, then say this truth, for aerated concrete block equipment delivery, we know that a full set of aerated Concrete Block Making Machine block equipment is included a lot of equipment, customers will not wait for all the equipment to make in a piece of shipping, This can be a waste of equipment installation time.
Lontto Machine Machinery Co., Ltd. according to the production of equipment to go first, to install, waiting for the next batch of goods, your equipment this part of the funds have been handed over, the remaining part of the will also be shipped, but many customers do not believe that manufacturers, a manufacturer of manufacturers, Will not because of your single business and transfer positions, and we lontto machine machinery is a heavy reputation, reputable manufacturers, if your money called, and we do not ship, our site is here, you find is very easy, So the customer on the full set of aerated concrete equipment can be shipped on time this problem is really worry, but the consideration is compulsory, the key is to believe that a very good development stage of the manufacturers, in order to their future better development, re-credit is necessary, so believe Lontto MACHINE, Believe you a better tomorrow.