Small human power Big Machine Kingdom of the tiny-brick machine production equipment

I do not know reader have found that the latest fashion has changed, many do not say, we are the current fashion style to look at, the past wearing clothes do not go out now to pick up unexpectedly became a fashion, even have their own name-retro wind.
Days the day before yesterday I also retro a and mother went to a temple, carved in the hall immediately caught my attention.
Do not know reader know not, in ancient times, because there is no cement bricks and other building materials built entirely by wood, such as the main function of carved pillars like today's load-bearing wall (in order to disperse the gravity of the roof of the wall), and not only for the sake of beauty and construction.
When it comes to building buildings, you have to associate them with today's architecture, which is called a style.
Today, I will give you an introduction to building a necessary equipment-brick machine equipment.
Brick machine equipment, as the name implies is specialized in the production of brick machinery and equipment, it generally to stone powder, fly ash, slag, slag, gravel, sand, water, etc. as raw materials, they are mixed in a certain proportion after the production of solid block material device.
Brick machine equipment generally to produce color brick, cement brick mainly, rare for the production of roadbed filler.
According to the different types of raw materials, brick machine equipment can be divided into cement brick machine, clay brick making machine price in india brick machine, fly ash brick machine, etc. according to the different brick forming principle, can be divided into pneumatic brick machine, vibrating brick machine and hydraulic brick machine, and according to the level of automation, but also can be divided into automatic brick machine, semi-automatic brick machine and manual brick machine; That according to the production process of brick machine to divide, and it will be divided into, brick machine, hollow bricks, concrete brick machine, aerated foam brick machine.
Therefore, from the data, brick machine equipment, although unknown, classification is a variety of.brick making machine
Brick machine equipment We are not common, but we are very familiar with bricks.
In Nissan's life, the floor tiles we walk on the sidewalk at the foot of the street are made of cement brick machines.
In addition to the floor tiles, we are most familiar with the residential buildings, those who look old red brick house used by the red brick is produced by the fly ash brick machine.
Reader may wonder why I have such a wide range of knowledge, in fact, I would like to say that interest is the best teacher, reader to pay more attention to the details of life is so "profound."
Well, today's content is here, I hope you enjoy reading.