What is construction waste? Using regenerative technology to recycle the waste of building

Whether in the big city, or in the countryside, everywhere is engaged in construction, road construction, housing construction and so on.
After the completion of these construction, the earth will always bring a lot of construction waste.
For these construction waste treatment, the past is used to fill the way, but now since the regeneration technology, is the application of renewable technology, so that these building waste can be recycled, continue to serve mankind.
What is construction waste? Construction waste refers to the construction waste which is produced in the process of construction, decoration, renovation and other production activities.
These construction wastes include waste mortar, mud, crushed stones, muck and so on that do not have any effect on the completion of the project.
There is no good treatment for these construction waste, it will cause harm to the Earth's environment, even to the human health caused by damage.
Second, how to use the waste recycling technology, continue to serve mankind.
1. Utilization of waste in construction rubbish.
Because the slag is a small amount of soil, its use is limited, however, it can continue to be used in road construction, foundation of the building.
2. Use of discarded bricks in construction waste.
Discarded bricks, we can use the jaw crusher or ball mill to the crushing process, and then get the small volume of the block again into the production of recycled bricks, blocks, wallboard and other products, the construction of garbage as one of the raw materials of these products.
3. Waste concrete in construction waste can be made into coarse aggregate.
These coarse aggregates, as a kind of basic material, can be applied to the base of highway pavement by adding some solidified materials.
These coarse aggregates can also be produced directly into the corresponding strength of concrete, mortar and so on.building waste brick making machines
4. For scrap steel, steel, its recycling is more simple and common, directly recycled into steel mills directly recycled.
Or it's melted down.
5. Discarded wood is also the most common type of construction waste, which can be used as a raw material for many products, so you can make use of these wood input products, such as paper or other wood products.
In our impression, the rubbish should be sent to the landfill treatment, but with the progress of technology, rubbish can also be waste to treasure.
Use a series of regenerative technology to make rubbish serve us again.
Although the construction rubbish is called as rubbish, but it is actually not the real rubbish, most of the construction rubbish can be recycled by building rubbish clay brick making machine price in india machine.